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The mission of the Education na NOWO Foundation is to build an open, innovative and inclusive community of learners in Polish schools.

We disseminate and promote learning built upon identifying and solving problems, as well as work culture based on collaboration and shared responsibility expressed in educational projects that give students the opportunity to fully experience and understand the reality around them.

The area of our special interest is maths education (both in the traditional and unconventional approach, e.g. using modern technologies) from pre-school to high school, which we consider to be the main link connecting the interdisciplinary approach to education – STEAM.
As one of our core activities, we promote maths education during series of events such as: The Train* to Maths Festival or Maths in LEGO’s Colours, where we invite students, teachers and parents.
We also aim to develop and improve both our mother tongue (Polish) and a foreign language (English) in order to build a learning community based on high quality social and communicative competences.


1. We promote school as a learning environment where students, teachers, parents and the local community work together for the benefit of high quality education

2. We ensure high quality of the teachers’ training in accordance with the changing needs of the developing society by introducing various ICT tools (LEGO Education, Ozobots, ScottieGo, etc.) to support the learning process.

3. We introduce innovative methods of mathematics education through use of technology.

4. We work in partnership with schools, kindergartens, universities and other educational institutions and we try to reach underprivileged regions with our activities.

5. We support the development of the following competences: social communication, logical reasoning, mathematical skills, critical thinking. We educate and encourage people to work with the project method (PBL), combining mathematical education with programming by introducing innovative ways of working.

6. We also try to support children with special needs, such as ASD, by consulting specialists and looking for methods and IT tools to support them in their learning and developing the skills they need most.

7. We conduct interdisciplinary projects which integrate subject content and traditional educational tools with new technologies (e.g. CLIL, STEAM).

8. We organise conferences, workshops and educational events promoting innovative approaches to education (e.g.: The Train to Maths, Maths in LEGO’s Colours)

9. We promote the connection of mathematics and programming as well as art and architecture at the pre-school and early school level (through seminars such as Modern Education in Kindergarten and School in cooperation with the Faculty of Pedagogy at the University of Warsaw).

10. We foster and introduce gamification elements in the learning process by encouraging teachers to create their own games.

11. We are committed to developing girls’ IT competences in order to break the stereotype that only men can pursue IT as a profession.

To achieve our goals the Foundation
• cooperates in partnerships with teacher training universities such as: Gdansk University, Warsaw University and The Maria Grzegorzewska University, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics of the University of Warsaw and research institutes (e.g. IBE),
• participates in research projects aimed at improving teachers’ skills and introducing as many teachers as possible in the digital society, implementing a cutting edge education system in schools,